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What you’ll find inside?

  • ladybug Meeps (introduced in base box)
  • ant-lion Notch (introduced “Downwood Tales” expansion)
  • four variations of Slug (introduced in “Heart of Glorm” expansion but used in “Tales” as well)
  • 6 clear acrylic bases 15mm diameter
  • a piece of copper plated steel wire 20±2mm length
  • plastic stone with dint of Notch’s abdomen
  • plastic leaf with dint of Meep’s abdomen

Why four Slugs?

Usually there is only one pet on game board, but in one of the chapters there is four. We think and decide to supply you with four different models ‘coz it’s pretty cool.

Why bases of such strange size and shape?

Please don’t ask why they attack Magicus!

As you know, there is two kinds of bases in the game – 20mm for small figures and 35mm for large ones. However Pets neither small nor large figure, they are not figures at all – they are tokens! By rules they don’t reserve any space on game board. To distinguish them from small figures we give them smaller bases. This strange cut on the base are to allow them to cling to enemy (like Slugs do).




Ladybug Meeps can be assembled in two different ways. He can sit on the leaf or fly high in the air. To do so there is hole on his abdomen. Then Meeps sit on the leaf this hole is invisible.

NB: Warning! Wire is very strong! It’s not copper, it’s copper plated steel! If you’ll try to bend wire inserted in Meeps abdomen most likely you’ll break model.

Sculpt: Evgeniy Komaygorodsky

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  1. Eric (verified owner)

    I haven’t started playing (or painting) Downwood Tales yet but these figures make me excited to start. They were very high quality and shipped quickly.

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